Clogger Next Generation Pink and Orange Zero Campaign

In late 2018, we ran a Pink Zero campaign. Our goal was to do it again in 2019 but our products proved a bit too popular! We were too busy trying to keep up with orders to run the campaign.

In 2020, we are still working to support our growing customer base but we felt that we had to do it again.

So, the good news.

1. Pink and Orange Zeros are available starting today

We did a limited runs of Zeros with a Pink flash and another run of Zeros with a Orange flash.

Why did the Pink Zeros get a friend?

Right now it is tough. A pandemic with a resulting economic downturn potentially unlike anything that we have seen for a century. Arborists and tree workers in training or just joining that industry are doing it tough.

As a result, we decided to open up the program to not just women but also men. The Orange version reflects this change.

The other reason is that we have had a lot of requests for the Orange flash dating back to when we released the Gen2 Zeros and changed the flash to green.

The production run of both version is strictly limited.. Once we are out , that is it!

Apart from the flash, the Pink and Orange Zeros are fully fledged Gen2 Zeros with all the great new features outlined in this blog.

2. Pink and Orange is for everyone

Both versions are available in men’s and women’s sizes.

3. Check your favourite retailer

Select retailers are participating. Here’s the list of retailers who will have Pink and/or Zeros in stock.


  • Tree Care Machinery
  • Vermeer
  • Sunshine Coast Mowers

United States

  • WesSpur
  • Northeastern Arborist Supplies


  • Universal Field Supplies

4. Now for the special part.

We will donate NZD 30 from every sale to create the Next Generation fund to pay for any Clogger chainsaw protection for students currently studying to enter the Tree Care Industry or who graduated over the last 24 months.

5. Why are we doing this?

Getting started in the Tree Care Industry is tough. Having to wear poor fitting, hot chainsaw protection makes it even harder. We want to make it easier for poeple just starting out.

If you are a current student or if you graduated with the last 24 months, apply here. If you know someone who is eligible, let them know and tell them to get their application in.

Applications close Midnight Friday July 31 2020 (New Zealand Standard Time).

We’ll announce the selected applicants on Wednesday August 12 2020.

We have to limit the program to New Zealand, Australian, United States and Canadian residents for now based on our current certifications.

Check out the FAQs for more detail.

If you want to support the next generation of the Tree Care people, buy Pink and Orange Zeros this July.



One of Clogger’s core missions is to make sure that chainsaw users are protected against the dangers linked to their job. These risks include heat illness, arc flash or a chainsaw accident. It is our role to educate customers on the different options to ensure their safety, but also make sure that they are comfortable and are able to perform their work well.


The process is simple.

  • Step 1

Clogger will track all sales and set NZD 30 aside for every pair on Pink or Orange Zero pants sold.

  • Step 2

Applicants can apply using this form (be prepared to upload your student id or diploma).

  • Step 3

The team at Clogger will review applications and select the top ones.

  • Step 4

We will announce and notify the the winners.

  • Step 5

The winners choose any of our products and have them shipped to their home at no charge.


Anyone who is training for the tree care industry or graduated within the last 24 months. You need to be resident in New Zealand, Australia, the United States or Canada to be eligible. We only currently have certifications for these countries.


  • Wednesday 1 July 2020

Pink Zero limited editions launched and applications for the Pink Zero Fund open

  • Friday 31 July 2020 (Midnight New Zealand time)

Applications for Clogger Chainsaw PPE paid for by the Next Generation fund close

  • Wednesday 12 August 2020 (Midday New Zealand time)

Successful applicants are announced and notified

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  1. I’m a student who recently graduated from Algonquin College’s Urban Forestry program in Pembroke Ontario. I’m trying to apply to this campaign/contest but when I tap the “apply now” option it just brings me back to the main page, wondering if someone can help me out in order to apply, it’d be greatly appreciated 🙂

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