When Trees and Rescues Meet: The Story of Tesla Tree Services

Trees are majestic beings of our cities and suburbs. Sometimes though, our adventurous feline friends find themselves perilously perched in their branches.

Enter Steven Murrow and Tesla Tree Services—a company that not only cares for trees but also for the small lives that scamper up them (and sometimes can’t get down).

An Arborist with a Special Mission

Steven Murrow shares the same passion and dedication that distinguishes the arborist community but with a unique twist. His commitment extends beyond the trees to the lives of the little adventurers who sometimes need a helping hand to return to solid ground.

The Rescue Process

Murrow’s rescues are meticulous. Armed with his climbing gear, a rope bucket for safe feline transportation and a gentle approach, he climbs up through the tree to reach and safely retrieve stranded cats. It’s a task that requires not just skill but also empathy and patience.

Images courtesy of Tesla Tree Service’s Facebook Page: facebook.com/TeslaTreeService

Community Impact

The ripple effect of these rescues is profound, touching the hearts of grateful pet owners and fostering a sense of community spirit. Each rescue story is shared, creating a tapestry of positive impressions and goodwill throughout the neighborhood.

Educational Mission

In addition to rescue missions, Murrow aims to educate pet owners on preventive measures to keep their pets safe, further embedding his company in the community fabric.

Tesla Tree Services stands out not just for its expertise in tree care but also as a lifeline for worried pet owners. It is a great example of how a business can make a significant, heartfelt impact on its community.

Do you have a story of a pet rescue or a community hero? Or perhaps you want to learn more about tree care and safety? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments.


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