A talk in the trees with Mike Teti

When stateside at the TCI Expo last year, we got to meet and hang out with an awesome bunch of people.  One of them is Mike Teti.  Hailing from Philadelphia, a region that is still home, Mike has been a tree climber for 25 years.  He says he’s been blessed with all the opportunities life as a climber offers.  It has taken him to the top of the tallest trees, to the most beautiful locations and provided enough happy memories for a lifetime.  Mike says it was also “directly responsible for meeting my beautiful wife and Mother of my two precious boys”.

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A Talk in the Trees with ‘the badhans’.

Hans J. Tielmann, CTSP, CIC is an arborist and social media marketer from New Jersey. Hans is the owner of Pine Valley Tree Service, PVTS a family run business, that has been owned and operated by his father for over 40 years. Most Recently, he started a second business Bad Media LLC., a digital marketing company assisting clients in creating engaging online content for the tree care industry. His main goal is to help his clients overcome the challenges and misconceptions of “modern marketing”. A tech savvy graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hans is passionate about trees. He and his crew promote safe and effective techniques in their everyday duties by using modern equipment matched with comprehensive strategy. Ever the tree tactician, Hans’s passion carries over into the world of social media. As an industry contributor, he exhibits his love for what he does best. As his Instagram shows, Hans promotes fun and effective educational posts as well as behind the scenes posts for his audience. With the majority of his audience being in the tree care industry, he has a long-term goal of expanding into the consumer market. Hans also strives to improve safety standards without using fear as a motivator. Hans was a winner of the 2015 & 2016 TCIA Professional Communications Awards for Social Media. Also winning the 2016 Industry Website Award for www.pinevalleytree.com.

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A Talk in the Trees with Krista Strating

Krista started climbing trees as a youngster, taking it up professionally in 2009.  Since then, Krista has competed 8 times in the International Tree Climbing Competition.  Always busy, Krista has taught climbing at the Humber College for the last 4 years and works hard to promote women in the industry as a committee member for Women in Arboriculture Ontario.  And it’s all done with heaps of passion because…”the industry is amazing and I love my Tree Family!  We definitely have the best community of talented, experienced, exciting, knowledgeable and passionate people ever!”  We couldn’t agree more.  
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A talk in the trees with Drew Bristow

Originally from the UK, Drew emigrated to New Zealand and stayed for 16 years before deciding he needed an even smaller Island, namely Fiji.  A co-founder of www.exploretrees.com, a South African based exploration company that specialises in canopy habitat for endangered Parrots, Drew keeps himself very busy running an eco resort but still finds time for some climbing and rope operations. 
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A Nice Guy to talk to

Many of you would likely have come across some of the excellent informational videos from ‘Nice Guy Dave’ at WesSpur.  We’ve used them ourselves to learn about products and techniques.  Then, a few months back, we were fortunate enough to be put in contact with Dave.  We wanted to know more.  So we’ve asked a few question and have some answers.  And in case you’re wandering…yeah, he does seem nice. Continue reading “A Nice Guy to talk to”

Talking with Treetools

The Arborist Industry is pretty unique.  It’s characterised by some great businesses that do more than simply sell a product.  They provide advice and guidance, thoughts and ideas, laughs and friendship.  There’s a real sense of community, some great businesses and some great characters.  One of those businesses is Treetools and one of those characters is Richard Tregoweth.  We sat down with Richard to talk and learn more about Treetools and how it all began. Continue reading “Talking with Treetools”