7 Reasons + Bonus on Why You Should Consider the Clogger Wildfire Chaps this Season 

It’s been a while since there was a new kid on the block. 

We’re talking about new chainsaw chaps and protective pants for Wildland Firefighters. 

We identified 7 main frustrations with the currently available USFS Chaps.

Find out how Clogger got involved and how those 7 frustrations can be banished to the past. Plus we even give you a bonus benefit.

How Clogger got involved 

For many years Chainsaw operators in wildland firefighting operations have been forced by regulations to wear outdated chainsaw protection, namely chainsaw protective chaps compliant with US Forest Service (USFS) specifications. 

Operators were complaining of many things; poorly fitting chaps, having issues with snagging, incredibly hot to wear, the list went on. 

So we got involved.  

Clogger loves a challenge. In fact, that is where we have come from. Make something more functional, something that people will want to wear. 

We went to some training events, we talked to people, we sent trials out. And we came up with a list of problems faced by users of the existing USFS chaps  

  • Creeping fatigue from having higher than necessary weight and inflexibility
  • Rubbing/chafing on knees from bending and walking
  • Decreased protection over time from degradation of the chainsaw fabric structure 
  • Increased sweating and fluid loss due to lack of breathability 
  • Flammable and meltable if near naked flames/hot embers 
  • Huge frustration levels because the chaps keep getting snagged on brush/undergrowth
  • And finally, safety. The lower portion of the chaps below the bottom strap is not secured to the leg. In the event of an accident that will instantly be pulled around exposing unprotected flesh. 

Clogger gets Redbook Approval

For anything to be recognised for use in the industry it needs to have Redbook approval. 

Therein lay the problem. The text in the Redbook wouldn’t allow for anything other than USFS spec’d chaps and we weren’t prepared to design something to this spec based on the problems we were hearing from the Chainsaw Operators. 

So, in true Clogger fashion we set about changing it. 

A few sample pairs were sent over. 

A high-level meeting in Boise, Oregon was attended.  

Long story short, an agreement was reached that there would be an update to the 2024 Redbook, rewriting the required spec for chainsaw protection to be compliant with NFPA 1977

The Solution 

Clogger needed to come up with a chainsaw protective product that resolved all of the issues. And there’s a bonus here as well. 

  1. Weigh less 
  1. Have better flexibility 
  1. Maintain the integrity of the chainsaw protection for its entire life 
  1. Be highly breathable 
  1. Be Non-flammable 
  1. Have a lowered snagging risk 
  1. Be Safer 
  1. BONUS! Be washable 

Check out our video breakdown of this spider graph!

Let’s dive a little deeper into each of these points, how the Wildfire chaps address them and how it helps the Wildland firefighter. 

Problem Clogger Solution Benefit 
1. Creeping fatigue from having higher than necessary weight and inflexibilityWith the proprietary chainsaw fabric and careful selection of outer materials we have been able to reduce the weight to only 2lbs 3.6oz, plus be flexibleReduced fatigue across the day equals increased levels of situational awareness and means there are reserves left in the tank 
2. Rubbing/chafing on knees from bending and walking Soft, hardwearing on the inside surface lining No blisters on knees from continual bending and walking
3. Decreased protection over time from degradation of the chainsaw fabric structure  Utilising our woven chainsaw fabric means the protective integrity is maintained for its entire service lifetime The major benefit here is safety; the wearer knows the chainsaw protection still works after extended use
4. Increased sweating and fluid loss due to lack of breathability  Standard issue wildfire chaps when tested returned a result of 0 for breathability. Using our fabric knowledge again, the Clogger Wildfire chaps tested at 1388 ml/min/cm²,
which is equivalent to 1.3 litres/min/cm² or about 1.8 gals/min/in².
Having no breathability causes sweating and contributes to fluid loss, leading to higher risk of dehydration and lower worker performance. The Gen2 Wildfire chaps with their high levels of breathability are more comfortable and reduce sweating. 
5. Flammable if near naked flames/hot embers  With the current issue chaps, apart from the Kevlar chainsaw protection inside, everything else is flammable. We have specifically used non-flammable and fire-resistant fabrics in the design of the Wildfire Chaps Clogger Wildfire chainsaw chaps are non-flammable and non-melting increasing peace of mind 
6. Huge frustration levels because the chaps keep getting snagged on brush/undergrowthThe part of the chaps between the straps tends to bulge open and then catch on brush as the wearer walks past.  Clogger has turned to its five-strap setup on its non-fr chainsaw chaps and used this design to secure the entire leg Having chaps that are secured down the entire length of the leg eliminates the bulging and the wearer can move through undergrowth easily. 
7. Safety Parts of the chaps are out of the way. Clogger’s solution is to use its proprietary FR chainsaw fabric which significantly exceeds the ASTMF 1897 spec. Having five straps down the leg keeps this protective pad in place securelyBeing safer gives peace of mind. Adequate protection could be the difference between walking away from an accident and a serious injury
8. BONUS! Washable As previously hinted at, the woven Kevlar inside disintegrates with washing so contaminants can’t be removed. Clogger Wildfire chaps can be thrown in with all the other gear and washed. There will be no loss of integrity or safety. Being washable means that flammable contaminants can be removed and clean garments can be worn. 
Table 1> The Problems broken down into solutions and benefits

Final Thoughts 

It has been a long while since those that operate on the front lines of fire get something that makes their lives better.  

Now they can have a product that is more comfortable, less fatiguing, non-flammable and much safer. 

It’s over to you now to make that choice. 

Send us an email – sales@clogger.co.nz, give us a call on +64 3 218 8899 or go straight to the product – Clogger Wildfire Chaps

If you’re in Canada then this will take you there.

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