Leg Length is More Important than You Might Think

When it comes to finding the ideal pair of chainsaw pants, one aspect that often goes unnoticed is the leg length. And when many brands of chainsaw protective legwear offer it, it is surprising how many people overlook the importance of this feature. It’s a small feature and not even really observable (apart from the excessive bunching when they are too long), but it does have a big impact.

Ready to dive into our explainer?

Firstly, Unrestricted Movement:

Having the correct leg length in your chainsaw pants is essential for unrestricted movement to happen.

When you’re working up in the trees, you need to be able to move freely and comfortably without any hindrance. Pants that are too long can get caught on those annoying little twigs and nibs that poke out, impeding your mobility and putting you at risk of tripping or falling.

On the other hand, pants that are too short can restrict your movements, making it difficult to crouch, kneel, or climb. Never mind the higher chance of seam failure caused by unnecessary stress.

By finding the right leg length, you can ensure that your movements remain unrestricted, allowing you to work efficiently and safely.

Secondly, Overall Comfort:

Also, the leg length of chainsaw pants contributes to your overall comfort.

A good fit is essential for long hours of work, especially in demanding and physically strenuous activities like chainsaw operation.

Pants that are too long can bunch up and become uncomfortable, causing excess fabric to have to be tucked under the leg straps of spikes. Conversely, pants that are too short can ride up, leaving your lower legs exposed to elements such as sawdust or insects.

By finding the perfect leg length, you can experience optimal comfort throughout your workday.

Thirdly, The Clogger Difference:

With Clogger pants there is an additional 6cm/2 inches of length that built into every pair.

It is one aspect that is often overlooked.

This extra length is specifically designed to account for the lift needed when in a harness or as the length of the leg changes when bending, squatting, or lifting a leg over a branch.

While leg length is important for unrestricted movement and comfort, this extra fabric takes it a step further. It ensures that even when you are wearing a harness or squatting down, your pants won’t ride up and expose your lower legs to the elements or potential hazards. 

Whether you’re climbing trees, feeding the chipper, or working in challenging weather conditions, the additional length in Clogger pants ensures that you are well-equipped for any situation.

Don’t overlook the importance of this design element that sets Clogger apart. It’s just another way we prioritize your safety and comfort.

How do I choose the right leg length then?

At Clogger we recommend measuring your inseam or inleg length. This is the measurement from your crotch to 3cm/1.5″ below the little ankle bone that bulges out the side of your foot.

Then match this measurement to the leg lengths available on the size chart, these will often be named as Short, Standard or Tall. The closest one is the right length for you.

Note: other manufacturers like Husqvarna, Arborwear or Arbortec may state this in other ways.


Finally, choosing the correct leg length for your chainsaw pants is crucial for both comfort and safety. It allows for unrestricted movement, ensuring you can work efficiently without any hindrance. Additionally, the correct leg length contributes to your overall comfort, preventing discomfort or exposure to the elements. The additional 6cm/2 inches of fabric in Clogger pants sets them apart by providing added protection when wearing a harness or actively moving, as is typical in the physical nature of chainsaw work.

Don’t overlook the importance of leg length when selecting your chainsaw pants. Take the time and measure to find the right length.

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