Full Protection is no sweat!

It’s a not uncommon scene. The sun is beating down and you’re frantically trying to go about your work so you can get back into the shade for a little respite. You know the fatigue will set in sooner on the hot days and the hard work becomes just that much harder. So, what do you do? Peel off some layers and leave yourself at risk of severe injury or sweat it out and carry on regardless?

Thankfully, there’s now a third option. Clogger’s latest innovation is the Zero Premium Arborist Trouser. Light in weight but heavy in protection, there’s some clever technology in there that’ll make your day a breeze! Specifically, the NILIT BREEZE fabric which has a cooling effect manufactured into it. It’s also very light, helping to bring in the total weight of the trouser to under 1KG.

The use of large cooling vents, stretch outer fabric and extra room in the crutch all make for a trouser which allows you to move more easily. Throw in the extra length to keep the trousers against your boots even when wearing spikes, the abrasion resistant fabric on the knees and low pockets for easy access even when harnessed…..and you have a trouser which works hard at making your work easier.

Indeed, the only aspect of the Zero that is heavy is the heavy focus on safety. With 6 layers of ArrestexHP and certified to AS/NZS4453.3 1997 you can be assured the Clogger Zero will provide the protection you demand.

So there we have it, the Zero. They’re pretty cool.


4 thoughts on “Full Protection is no sweat!”

  1. I live and work in the Florida heat. 90’f + usually 104’f w/heat index. Will these trousers prevent me from living in sweat soaked pants all day?! Also am a female looking for some customized chainsaw pants that actually fit!

    1. Hi Alisha. The Zero Trousers were specifically designed for the unrelenting heat of the Australian summer, which is likely comparable to that experienced in Florida. The Nilt Breeze fabric used is very light and has a cooling effect built into the fibre. This is then aided by mesh panels to the rear of the leg for ventilation and a total weight which is kept at under 1kg. For the perfect fit, we offer a custom service which is available via online ordering. If you prefer, you can also liaise direct with our Sales & Marketing Department via e-mail (neil@zenitec.co.nz) or phone (+64 3 218 8899).

  2. Just saw this post, I have a pair of the zero’s, they are so incredibly flexible light weight and breathable. With tree work, sweat will always be an issue. I to am female and had them custom made. I also have a pair of arbormax Ascend trousers made for me so I’m set for winter 20-45’f (or -5-+7 degrees celsius)and summer 84-90’f (28-35 degrees celsius) most days. So much better than the mens cut. Thanks Clogger quality product.

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