Introducing the 2019 Clogger Catalogue

There’s a lot of technical details in the new Clogger catalogue. It represents an important point in time as we close in on our 25th anniversary and 500,000th Clogger chainsaw garment.

Here’s a summary of our brand and products to get you started.

1. Going beyond the standards

Chainsaw protection must do more than stop a chainsaw. It must be long-lasting. It must be comfortable. It must perform in all conditions. Meeting the standards is just the beginning.
But let’s start at the beginning.

All Clogger chainsaw protective garments are certified by Bureau Veritas NZ Ltd to the Australian and New Zealand standard, AS/NZS 4453.3:1997. What does that mean? Its means a chainsaw dropped onto the garment, with the chain moving at 20 m/s (that’s 72 kph or 45 mph!) will not cut through the fabric. The standard doesn’t allow for any cut-through at all.


Then, there is North America. A whole different set of standards and regulations, but it still involves dropping a running chainsaw into a garment.
The Clogger products in this catalogue are certified by U/L to ASTM F1897-14 for USA and to BNQ 1923-450-1 for Canada. In addition, they meet the Worksafe BC Standard as set out in OHSR Section 8-21 (2).

Furthermore, certification status involves the demonstration of an on-going testing procedure, along with regular audits to check the documentation and other internal processes. We welcome any reason to spend more time in our custom-built laboratory, so this suits us.

2. Designed in New Zealand

New Zealand. Aotearoa is its Maori name. A country where nature and landscapes inspire people daily. Where visitors arrive with the expectation of being awed by the beauty of the scenery. Where they are also surprised by the welcoming and warm culture of New Zealanders.

NZ Made

At Clogger, this is at the core of our identity. We never stop looking at nature and the challenges it presents to the people working outside. We want to protect and support users in their job.

We want to connect the needs of users and our expertise. We want to exceed the expectations of the industry and establish new norms.

We daily combine creativity and technology’s power to offer the best. This is our goal.

3. Advance your guard

You’ll hear Arrestex HP and Arrestex FR if you spend enough time around the Clogger team or use our products. The products are the proprietary chainsaw fabrics that help create the unique Clogger experience.

Arrestex HP

Traditionally chainsaw protective fabric works by clogging the sprocket with hundreds of tough polyester, polypropylene, or nylon fibres.
Clogger R&D team decided to go a step further and developed a high-performance fabric. It incorporates super high strength and cut resistant fibre improving the protective pad’s performance significantly improved. Without adding weight. Or bulk.

Arrestex HP both clogs, and resists cutting.

Arrestex Chainsaw Safety Material

Arrestex FR

Arrestex FR built on Arrestex HP by adding 100% fire and arc resistance. It will not melt or drip. This fabric has been developed for whenever there are an extreme heat and fire hazard, and the regulations require non-melting garments. We urge you to make sure you protect yourself with Arrestex FR. It is the only truly fire-resistant chainsaw protection we know of.

4. Our Brands

Clogger is made up of a group of brands and products designed for very specific people doing challenging work.

If you are working in the heat, Zeros are for you. The first lightweight, cool chainsaw protective line, Zeros prove that you don’t have to be hot to be safe.

If you are working in the mud and the blackberry, DefenderPRO is for you. Engineered for the toughest terrain and conditions. When others turn back and can go no further, you will carry on. You will keep going. And you will be protected.

If you are working where there is an arc or fire hazard; on powerline clearance work or around wildland fires, then you need to make sure that your chainsaw protection will protect you. It has to be fully fire resistant. Look for the Arcmax logo. It’s different. As far as we know, it’s also a world first. The chainsaw protective fabric has been specially developed to be fire resistant. It will not ignite. It will not melt. It will not drip.

If you are going out in cold and wet, Ascends are for you. Forged the deepest and darkest part of the New Zealand winter, Ascends offer a classic design but with a Clogger twist. Distinctive, tough with features like zip vents and a high back for extra warmth.

If you are working hard whether as a Pro or a weekend warrior, Defender is for you. Tried, tested and trusted chainsaw protection built to be safer and easier to work in than other options.

Designed for those that climb without a chainsaw. Spider is a new breed of climbing pants for professional arborists and competitive tree climbers. With 360° stretch, advanced fabric strength, Nilit Breeze cooling capabilities…you can go in any direction and set your own limits. Then go beyond them.

5. Find the right Clogger product for you

Clogger products are the result of 25 years of enhancement based on direct customer feedback, new technologies and continuous improvement throughout the entire production process.
The strength of Clogger products results from the sum of all these details.

The safety strip to reduce the risk of chap rotation injury built into every Chap.

The trouser pattern that is the result of hundreds of iterations

The technical fabric that has just barely been released

It’s the sum of all this that make Clogger different.

See our full catalogue to find how all those details can make your work life better with the Clogger product developed and designed just for you.

For New Zealand and Australia: Catalogue 18-19 – NZ AU
For North America: Catalogue 18-19 – North America

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