Introducing the ALL NEW Ascends – Lighter Strikes Again!

The all new Ascend chainsaw pants are now available for purchase.

And we’re all pretty excited about this launch at Clogger.

We’ve been working on the new Ascends over a year. Why? Because we wanted to complete our range with a new option for cooler conditions and for people who prefer a more classic design.

The Arbormax Legacy

The Ascend are building on Arbormax legacy. The Arbormax line was our first chainsaw pants specifically designed for climbing Arborists. The Ascend combine everything that we have learnt over 15 years with the new design and construction techniques that we developed for Zeros as well as new ideas only used in Ascends.

The Objective

The objective was to create a new product that provides options for arborists in wetter and colder climates while also being comfortable on hot days. Many people just wear long johns under their Zeros in winter. Other people preferred the option of a dedicated pant for summer and one for winter. If you like a warmer pant for winter, the Ascend is for you.

So, why should you consider a pair of Ascends.

Here’s the quick summary.

1. Ascends combined tough construction with a light and comfortable experience

Weight does matter. The popularity of Zeros has proved that. Ascends add waterproof and high tenacity materials as well as features like zipped vents and an extended back for better comfort in the harness while still being 20% lighter than comparable designs.

2. Waterproof where you want it and breathable and stretchy where you need it

The fabric on Ascends knee and lower leg is waterproof and oil resistant while the upper leg and back of the pants is breathable and stretchy. With this approach, you get the best of both worlds.

3. Stretchzone rear seam construction

Stretch fabric with seams that do not stretch are a bad combination. The result is often blown out seams. The Stretchzone construction combines special elasticised thread with lockstitch to make the rear seam more durable. The elasticised thread stretches with the fabric. The lock stitch locks the threads together meaning that a break in the thread will only result in the loss of a stitch or two rather than losing the whole seam.

4. Improved pockets (and a back pocket!)

Each pocket bag can be turned inside out separately so it is easy to clean out debris like sawdust keeping your home cleaner and making life easier for your washing machine. The Ascend also offers a back pocket. An important feature for many!

5. A high back with buttons for suspenders / braces

Some arborists love the classic chainsaw pants design. If you do, the Ascend delivers the key features without the weight of traditional options. The higher back is warmer and comfortable in a harness and doesn’t expose your back when bending over. Buttons for suspenders or braces complete the classic design.

Remember, Clogger offers a range of suspenders / braces for extra support while climbing.

6. New and improved zippers

We are constantly looking at all our components. Ascends feature the improved zippers that we recently added to the Gen2 Zeros. The new Zero zippers use an improved reverse coil zipper with a tighter seal. This increases the protection for the zipper’s teeth from saw dust which can damage the zip. The new zippers also have been made using a larger ‘coil’ which gives the teeth greater holding power and more durability.

7. Cool new look with the classic Clogger fit

Yes. The Ascend looks great with the orange accents. The fit is the Clogger classic. Slim but with just enough stretch to give you room to move while climbing. A unique feature of the Ascend’s is the Gatherzone preformed knee system offering reduced bulk and easier movement.

8. Arrestex HP

Most importantly, Ascends, like Zeros, feature Arrestex HP. The breakthrough advanced chainsaw protection system with dual-acting, ultra-high tenacity fibres. Arrestex features UHMWPE – the world’s strongest man made fibre ever. The fibre is woven into the chainsaw fabric two ways providing protection in every direction. Many of the fibres in traditional fabrics are cut if you get a chainsaw strike. With Arrestex HP, most fibres stay intact. The result is that a chainsaw is braked AND clogged. This means we can use less material but deliver better protection.

Everyone at Clogger is dedicated making your day at work easier. The new Ascend pant give you a new option for people who prefer a more classic design while still being lighter and cooler.

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